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August 3, 2002:

New photos are up in Acid Kittie's portfolio of Philadelphia. These photos aren't of the traditional buildings that we usually photograph, but of the "Mosaic Garden" on South Street. When you're at the garden in person, it is truely inspiring. We decided to take pictures of it for that reason and to show the positive impact art can show in an urban area. MANY KODOS TO THE ARTIST THAT CREATED IT!!!!!

July, 31, 2002:

Some new features have been added to the site. There's a poll up now on the front page to get an idea from the public of what region to photograph next. There is also a feedback form link up (under the awards) to get specific cities, etc. of where to photograph. Cycles of Man has been cancelled this year due to lack of funding. Perhaps next year we will be able to save up for that. Also, we have a lot of film to be developed from various places. These subjects include: Philadelphia, PA, NYC 9.11 Light Memorial, and more from Asbury Park. Keep an eye out for these to be post in the next few months, or just join the mailing list to get an update alert in you mailbox! We are also proud to announce that we (Acid Kittie and Snapflash) are now engaged. WhooHoo!!!

March 14, 2002:

A few new links have been posted under the "Art Related" links. They are definetly worth checking out. Also, we posted a link for Chemlab under music. So, if any of you like Chemlab, the link is to their offical site. =)

January 10, 2002:

Many changes to the site! Brand new look [for the new year] that's a little more interesting than the last design. We have been working diligently on the Cycles of Man Gallery. We're not gonna say too much on that yet, since there's a lot of work to still be done. We plan to open the gallery off of this site some time around August, 2002. Once things start to roll a little bit more, the progression will be posted. Please note, that this gallery will only be open for short period of time.





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